Why Gluten Free is the Way Forward

When we launched our new website last month, one decision we had to make was whether to continue giving people the option of non gluten free brownies (i.e. containing gluten).  We decided not to, so all our brownies and blondies are now gluten free without any exceptions.  Whilst our standard offering has always been gluten free, before our website re-launch customers were able to place orders containing gluten if they wished.

By removing the non gluten free option we realised we would lose some customers and put off other potential customers.  Unfortunately there's still a stigma attached to products that are gluten free with some people, as they believe that removing the gluten damages the taste.  However, we decided this was a small cost to pay for giving the majority of our customers extra peace of mind that our products would be completely free of gluten.  And of course we have every confidence that our gluten free homemade brownies are every bit as good or better than any containing gluten anyway!

Suffering from a gluten intolerance myself, and having a sister-in-law that suffers from the more serious Coeliac disease, I know how much we worry about ensuring the products we buy and eat really are free from gluten.  It's just not worth the risk for me if there's any doubt.  We hope that making this decision reassures our customers that we're 100% committed to being truly gluten free.

As well as those suffering from intolerances, people are now choosing a gluten free diet as a good lifestyle choice and you can read about some of the reasons why here.  Due to the massive growth of the gluten free market over recent years as a result, it's easier than ever to eat good food without gluten.  This wasn't always the case.  I recall asking a waitress what their gluten free options were soon after being diagnosed and being told "you could have a jacket potato...without the butter".  Thankfully those days are long gone!  I'm now presented with a full list of gluten free menu choices whenever I eat out and was especially impressed to be given a gluten intolerance card to carry around with me when arriving in Jamaica on holiday this summer.  Things have come a long way!

The availability of gluten free ingredients for our brownies are also far easier to come by than ever.  Products like the Doves Farm Freee range are every bit as good as the non gluten free equivalents and make it possible to produce great quality brownies without the gluten.  Our gluten free commitment is here to stay and we hope to pursue Coeliac UK accreditation for all our products in 2020 to further strengthen our credentials.  Watch this space!   

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