Brownies 1 Anorexia 0

We were so humbled to receive the e-mail below from a customer recently.  Never did we think our brownies might be able to provide support to somebody in such an inspirational fight.

"My name is Suzanne (17) and I just wanted to email you to let you know I LOVE YOUR BROWNIE I have been battling with anorexia for the past 2 years and brownies, although my favourite, was one of my biggest fear foods. Once I became discharged from the clinic (Yay! 2 months strong), I decided I should give it a go. My family take it in turn to send me brownie so each time it is a surprise!

I just want to thank you for helping me. It may not seem a lot to you but having your brownie has helped me get over my fear of sugary, fatty and dairy foods and now, I am a healthy weight, living my best life. I will continue to love you brownie forever, especially salted caramel! I would like to request one day, there be a couple of new flavours. Although the range you have now is amazing, I think a brookie would be amazing or a brownie with cookie dough chunks in!"

This was truly the nicest, most inspirational message we'd ever received so we felt we had to do something with it.  So, since receiving the e-mail we've been working on creating a 'Brookie' (a cookie base with a brownie topping) and our first efforts have been sent off to Suzanne for testing.  Once we're happy with the recipe we hope to make this our Flavour of the Month for May, with some money from every box sold going to Beat (the UK's eating disorder charity).  Watch this space...

Hearing words like these definitely make everything so worthwhile!

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