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We've all had a range of experiences with delivery companies (some good, some bad) and one of the most common reasons for customers getting in touch with us is to ask about deliveries and what we can and can't do.  We've therefore put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

Firstly, how do I order for delivery?

All orders placed on our website are for delivery.  You'll simply be asked for a delivery address and your preferred delivery date when you order and we'll deliver on that basis. 

Where can you deliver?

We can deliver to any UK address.

How quick do you deliver?

All products are available for next working day dispatch if the order is placed before 3pm and every product page on our website shows the earliest available delivery date.  Delivery is always on a next day service, so should arrive the working day after dispatch.  We do offer a limited range of Next Day boxes that are available for same day dispatch if you need your order sooner.

Do you offer collections?

Yes, it's possible to order for collection from our unit in Basingstoke Monday to Friday.  If you'd like to collect your order please just use code 'COLLECT' at checkout.  This will deduct the delivery charge from the price and will flag it to us as a collection.  We'll then be in contact ahead of your selected date to confirm the time and exact address for you to collect from.

How do you deliver?

All our deliveries are sent out on DPD's fully tracked service.  

What's the cost of delivery?

Delivery will be added to your order at checkout and our standard charge is £5.50 for DPD's fully tracked service.  Delivery is free on orders of £40.00 or more to the same address!

Can I order to multiple addresses in 1 order?

Yes, simply add the products you'd like to your cart and once you're on the cart page you will see a 'Ship to Multiple Addresses' option in the top left hand corner of the page.  If you just select that option it will allow you to input different addresses for each item.

I'd like to order a large number of boxes.  Is there a quick way to do this?

Yes, we're often sending out large numbers of boxes for corporate customers and others.  The quickest and easiest way to do this is to contact us on or 07717 864497.  We can then send you a simple template to gather all the order information in one go and arrange an invoice for payment.  Alternatively you can fill out the 'Get in Touch' contact form on our 'Corporate' page.

How are the brownies packaged for delivery?

All our brownies are carefully wrapped in our branded greaseproof paper and then placed in our made-to-measure branded postal boxes to keep them secure.  The boxes are then sealed in a DPD postal bag to keep them even safer in transit.  

Will the brownies get damaged in transit?

We get very, very few damaged deliveries.  We've invested a lot of time and money in creating the most robust boxes we can and the strength of them is excellent.  All bags are marked as 'handle with care' to ensure they get treated correctly in transit too and in recent years the number of issues we've had has been minimal.

Do you guarantee delivery on my preferred delivery date?

No, we can't give a 100% guarantee that your order will arrive on that exact date as there are unfortunately occasions where something happens that's outside our control.  We will always dispatch the working day prior to your delivery date and DPD attempt next working day delivery on >99% of all parcels, however we strongly recommend that you order at least 1 working day prior if you need to be sure of delivery by a certain day.

What happens if my delivery is delayed?

We will always do our very best to help when a delivery is delayed, but unfortunately some things are out of our control.  We will always ensure your parcel is dispatched on time but once it's in DPD's hands it's difficult for us to control if something unexpected happens.  Delays aren't common but when they do happen it's almost always down to an unexpected event, such as extreme weather (snow in winter being the most common), a vehicle breakdown or a sorting error in one of DPD's hubs (meaning the parcel has been sent to the wrong delivery depot).  Whilst these situations are frustrating for all, they do occasionally happen and that's why we always recommend selecting a delivery date at least 1 day before you really need the delivery.

How do I avoid missing my delivery?

When you place your order you will enter an e-mail address and mobile number so that you can receive the DPD tracking notifications ahead of delivery.  These notifications will advise you of your 1 hour delivery window on the morning of delivery and will also give you the option to set an alternative delivery option (such as leave in a safe place or leave with a neighbour) if you're not going to be in during the window.  The important point to note is that DPD won't just leave your parcel if there's nobody in to accept delivery and they haven't received permission to leave it.  Therefore if you'd like your parcel left we strongly recommend that you set an alternative delivery option regardless (this can even be set as a standing instruction so that it applies to all deliveries), as that way DPD will deliver to you if you're in, but will still leave it safely if you happen to miss them for any reason.

What happens if I miss my delivery?

If you miss your delivery you'll receive a notification via e-mail and mobile and should also receive a physical calling card at the address.  DPD will then re-attempt delivery the next working day.  The notifications and card will give you all the usual options for leaving safe on the re-delivery attempt if there's a chance you won't be in for the re-delivery.

Why don't DPD just leave my parcel anyway?

DPD are always happy to leave your parcel if you've given them permission to do so via the notifications or as a standing instruction via their website or app.  However, they won't do this without permission as it's not everyone's preference.  We've had several situations over the years where parcels have been left and either gone missing, been stolen or got damaged in hot/wet weather, so we believe that it's best for customers to choose on an individual basis whether they want it left or not.

Will the brownies still be ok if I miss my delivery?

All our products are very securely wrapped and have a shelf life of 2 weeks at room temperature, so they will be absolutely fine if there is a short delivery delay.  Obviously we prefer all our products to be delivered as quickly as possible after despatch for maximum freshness, but in reality a short delay will make no difference to the product quality.

I ordered for Monday but DPD delivered on Saturday.  Why is this?

Orders with a preferred delivery date of Monday will be dispatched on the Friday before (as DPD don't run a full depot service over the weekends).  Around 40-50% of these deliveries will actually go out for delivery over the weekend.  We don't have any control or advance notice of this as it's purely down to each delivery depot's schedule on the day.  If you receive notification of an earlier delivery and would prefer it was held until Monday you can simply change the delivery date via the DPD notifications. 

Why do you use DPD?

Everyone has an opinion on the best and worst delivery companies!  We've trialled 3 different companies over the years and deal with almost all UK delivery companies for our own incoming deliveries and believe DPD's service is the best.  They're not perfect and do occasionally make mistakes, but their communication with customers regarding delivery slots and delivery options is the best on the market in our opinion and their delivery service is generally very good.  We're always monitoring the situation and if we believe a better service becomes available we will of course look into it.

What happens if I have a delivery issue and need help?

If you do have a delivery issue that you need some support with please contact us via any of the means listed on our Contact page and we'll be very happy to help.  If it's an urgent issue phone is always quicker than e-mail or social media.

Finally, if you have any questions about deliveries that aren't covered in the above or on our Delivery page please do get in touch.  We've been fortunate enough to deliver over 40,000 orders in the last few years, so it's pretty much guaranteed that whatever your question is we'll have heard it before and have an answer for you!

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