And The Winning Brownie Flavour Is...

Have you ever wondered whether your favourite brownie flavour is an unusual choice or if you're with the majority?  Or can you guess which flavour is the Marmite of brownies?  We thought it was time to let you know our 8 most popular flavours based on customer orders, so read on to find out where your personal favourite ranks...

1. Classic Brownie

At number 1 it's our original Classic Brownie.  The delicious combination of dark chocolate and white chocolate chunks is still our runaway favourite. In fact we have almost as many customer orders for our Classic Brownie than we do for all the other flavours put together!

2. Salted Caramel Brownie

It's no surprise to see Salted Caramel so high up the list!  These sticky, fudgy delights have been popular from the day they were introduced!

3. Double Chocolate Brownie

This mix of dark and milk chocolate has been so popular recently that it's been included in our flavour of the month variety boxes for both August and September!

4. M&M Brownie

These colourful brownies look great and taste just as good!  The M&M brownie has been in our Assorted brownie box since we launched our new website a year ago and they've grown in popularity ever since.

5. Vegan Classic Brownie

Our Vegan range has become an increasingly big seller in recent months and unsurprisingly the Classic version is the most popular of them all.  It's not just Vegans that enjoy these, some non-Vegan customers have become real fans as well!

6. Chocolate Orange Brownie

This would appear to be the Marmite of our brownie range, with some lovers and some haters!  Orange is still one of our most ordered flavours, but at the same time we have far more special requests to exclude this from our Bestsellers box than any other flavour!  

7. Vegan Salted Caramel Brownie

Another of our Vegan range is at number 7 and this time it's Salted Caramel.  Given the popularity of our Salted Caramel Brownie it's no surprise that its Vegan cousin is proving a hit too!

8. Blondie Brownie

This lovely combination of a brownie base and blondie topping is another flavour we introduced when our new website launched in September 2019.  It's now actually more popular than the Classic Blondie itself!

Where did your favourite rank?  Surprised at what made the list and what didn't?  We were - I mean, no Classic Blondie...

So, it seems that for now our Classic Brownie is still the runaway winner in the popularity stakes, Chocolate Orange is the Marmite of the brownie world and Vegan flavours are getting more popular by the day! 

We're due to review our flavours towards the end of the year and we'd love to hear from our customers with their thoughts.  If there's anything you'd like to see introduced, perhaps a Mint Aero brownie, a Daim brownie or a Millionaire's Brownie (to name a few current ideas), then please get in touch and we'll throw your opinions into the mix!  You never know, your suggestion could be top of the favourites list this time next year! 

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