Calling all café owners!

We're proud to now supply our delicious brownies to a number of cafes, coffee shops, bars and restaurants around the UK.  We'd love to keep growing our list of wholesale customers during 2022 so thought it was time to set out some of the benefits of working with us!

Why are we different?

Speaking to lots of independent café, coffee shop and restaurant owners in recent years they all seemed to be facing a common problem.  Customers were fed up with the bulk manufactured cakes and brownies on offer from the usual names like Booker, Costco and Bidfood and they wanted to offer something different and better quality to their customers.  However, this often meant they had to bake everything in-house and they just didn't have the time to do that every week.  We offer a handmade product made in small batches using the best locally sourced ingredients that will stand up to the quality of anything made in-house, but without the drain on your own time!  Customers love the product and love the small UK business story behind it that aligns so well with the story of many of the independent businesses we supply.

What else makes us different?

Another common problem we heard was the increasing issue of catering for food allergens and intolerances.  All good independent establishments now need to offer a variety of treats covering a number of intolerances, with gluten-free, vegan, nut-free and dairy-free being the most common.  Every single one of our products is gluten-free, most flavours are nut-free and our vegan range covers off the vegan and dairy-free angles too.  Better still, customers can't tell that are products are 'free from'.  90% of our wholesale customers don't advertise our products as gluten-free and simply sell them as their brownie of choice, which just happen to be gluten-free.  It really helps them keep things simple as they can order everything from one place and it also helps keep wastage down as they don't need different offerings out every day.  The biggest win of all though comes from all of their customers feeling included - there's nothing better than seeing a gluten-free customer's eyes light up when they find out they have the same choice as everyone else!

Where can we supply?

We can supply anywhere in the UK.  Most of our current wholesale customers are local, but we're now supplying businesses further afield in London, Kent, Lancashire, Wales and Scotland amongst others.  Everything we send out is on a next day delivery service so we can get your brownie order to you wherever you are in no time at all!

How are our brownies delivered?

We do some local deliveries ourselves, but the vast majority of deliveries go out with DPD.  Everything is securely and hygienically wrapped and packed to ensure they reach their destination in perfect condition.  They can then simply be unwrapped and placed straight onto your counter or into your stock cupboard!  All of our packaging is recyclable, compostable or bio-degradable too; we no longer use any plastics or harmful materials.

How long do our brownies last?

We bake all our brownies fresh to order, which means they will have been baked the day before dispatch.  After baking they're chilled overnight before being cut, decorated, wrapped and packed on the day of dispatch.  All our products have a shelf life of 2 weeks at room temperature or chilled and can be frozen for up to 3 months, giving all our wholesale customers plenty of shelf life from the point they arrive.  Many of our customers choose to order bigger quantities and freeze them upon arrival, as they easily de-frost in a couple of hours and are then as fresh as new again!  

How do we price for wholesale?

We have a very simple pricing structure for wholesale customers with a flat rate per brownie and free delivery for orders above £75.  The price per brownie is the same across all flavours and we offer further price breaks for bigger order quantities too.

How many different brownie types do we have?

We offer one of the widest ranges of brownies on the market.  We currently have 16 flavours in our standard range and 5 vegan flavours.  We also bring out at least 1 special flavour every single month, which allows our wholesale customers to offer something different to their customers and keep the range fresh.  Lots of our monthly special flavours are seasonal to match customers' needs and wants at different times of year, such as our incredibly popular Mini Egg & Creme Egg Brownies & Blondies around Easter.  We'll continue to expand our range this year too so that we have even more choice available to you.

What size are our brownies?

Our standard brownie is 7cm x 5cm with a depth of 2.5cm and weighs approximately 70g.  All our brownies are hand-cut so we're able to handle different cut-sizes if you need something slightly different to our standard.

How long is our lead-time?

We'll dispatch next working day for orders received by 12 noon, so we can turn things around very quickly.  Our ovens are running every day and we're very used to dealing with last-minute requests, so if you're running low we can have you re-stocked in no time!

What order sizes can we handle?

We've invested in plenty of new equipment since moving to our unit a year ago and can now bake 1,200 brownies per hour!  We're therefore in a position to handle orders of pretty much any size.

Do we offer samples?

We'll very happily send samples out to anyone interested in stocking our products.  The best way for you to decide if our brownies are right for you is by testing them or having your customers test them, so we're always keen to get you some samples to do just that!

How else can we help our wholesale customers?

We can support our existing and new wholesale customers in a number of ways.  We can send samples for handing out to customers, provide you with point of sale materials or help promote your business on our social media platforms.  We want to work together with our wholesale customers and will do whatever we can to try and make the partnership successful for both sides.

If you own a cafe, coffee shop, bar or restaurant and would like to stock our brownies please do get in contact via our wholesale brownies page and we'd love to try and help.  Alternatively if you know of a business who you think could benefit from stocking our range please do put them in touch with us!

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