You can now add a bottle of alcohol as the perfect finishing touch to your brownie box or brownie gift box!  We have a carefully selected range of wines and spirits that pair brilliantly with our homemade brownies available now.

We have the following range of miniature spirits and wines for you to choose from:

  • Jack Daniel's whiskey 50ml
  • Bombay Sapphire gin 50ml
  • Disaronno Amaretto liqueur 50ml
  • Captain Morgan rum 50ml
  • Tosti Prosecco 200ml
  • Green Park Merlot 187ml
  • Green Park Sauvignon Blanc 187ml
  • Green Park Zinfandel Rose 187ml

If you're looking for something a bit more substantial, we have all varieties of full size wine catered from.  You can choose from:

  • Tosti Prosecco 750ml
  • Green Park Merlot 750ml
  • Green Park Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
  • Green Park Zinfandel Rose 750ml

Our miniature bottles will be wrapped in protective mesh sleeving and placed in the brownie box for delivery, whilst our full size bottles will be sent alongside your brownie box in a separate air cushioned wine box.

All prices shown includes delivery and taxes.  There are no hidden extras to be added onto the price at checkout - what you see is what you pay. 

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