Terms & Conditions

The Homemade Brownie Company Limited T&Cs 

1. General

a) ‘The Homemade Brownie Company Limited’ shall be referred to in these Terms & Conditions of Sale as the Seller and the purchaser or proposed purchaser shall be referred to as the Buyer
b) These Terms & Conditions shall take precedence over any terms to the contrary in the Buyer’s standard Terms & Conditions of purchase and, to the extent permitted by law, all other guarantees, conditions or warranties
c) These Terms & Conditions cannot be varied unless expressly agreed in writing by the Seller
d) All orders and other agreements between the Seller and the Buyer, whether in writing or verbal, shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales
e) No parties other than the Seller and the Buyer have any rights under these Terms & Conditions (and any agreement incorporating the same) pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999

2. Pricing

a) All prices include zero-rated VAT (0%), with the exception of alcohol and some other add-on products which include standard-rated VAT (20%)


3. Delivery

a) The Seller will dispatch orders the working day (defined as Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays) before the specified delivery date where the Buyer provides one
b) The Seller is unable to accept any liability for the delivery date of products after dispatch


4. Payment

a) All invoices are payable within the terms stated on the invoice or website, unless expressly stated otherwise
b) The Seller reserves the right to charge the Buyer interest at the rate of 2% per month, or part thereof, for any invoices, or part thereof, past due
c) The Seller reserves the right to claim from the Buyer any costs that may be incurred in collecting full payment including, but not limited to, debt recovery agents’ charges and solicitors’ fees


5. Queries

a) All queries regarding products or services supplied must be e-mailed to office@homemadebrownie.co.uk within 2 days of receipt
b) All queries regarding quantities or prices must be e-mailed to office@homemadebrownie.co.uk within 2 days of receipt of the invoice


6. Returns

a) Products correctly supplied to order may not be returned for refund, unless expressly agreed by the Seller


7. Complaints 

a) We hope you never have cause for complaint, but if you do please raise it via adam@homemadebrownie.co.uk. We will investigate thoroughly and provide you with a response within 2 working days (defined as Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and business shutdowns)


8. Liability

a) To the extent permitted by law, the Seller’s liability to the Buyer is limited to the value of the products or services supplied that have given rise to any claim
b) In no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for consequential loss or damage howsoever arising as a direct or indirect result of any failure or defect, or alleged failure or defect, with products or services supplied
c) The Buyer shall indemnify the Seller in respect of all damage, injury or loss to any person or property and against all actions, suits, claims, demands, charges or expenses in connection therewith arising from the condition or use of the products or services where they have been occasioned partly or wholly by the actions of the Buyer or his servants, invitees or agents or by any breach by the Buyer


9. Confidentiality

a) The Buyer shall treat as strictly confidential and not divulge to any third party any information provided by the Seller and marked as being confidential (or words having similar effect)
b) The Buyer undertakes to ensure that its authorised users of the Seller’s online ordering system(s) shall not divulge or allow to be divulged any usernames, passwords or other online ordering access information to any person whatsoever