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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new and exciting Brownie Taste Club!
By purchasing one of our Brownie Subscriptions you automatically become a member of the Brownie Taste Club and enjoy the following benefits:

Box of 8, 10 or 12 Brownies Delivered to your door A box of 8, 10 or 12 brownies by post, delivered to an address of your choice each month
Discounted rates on brownies Discounted rates on your monthly box of brownies
Brownie flavour of the month Access to the ‘Flavour of the Month’ the month before all other customers
choose any brownie flavour of the month Choice of any flavour for your monthly brownie box
Delivery on any specified day during the month
A £10 brownie gift voucher on your birthday
Complete flexibility on length of subscription and cancellation
Exclusive offers on brownies Exclusive offers and discounts
Become a Chief Brownie Taster An opportunity to land the role of ‘Chief Taster’ every six months
Your family can enjoy brownies too   Your whole family can enjoy the pleasures that homemade brownies bring.

Join The Homemade Brownie Taste Club TODAY!!

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Join The Homemade Brownie Taste Club Today

Become Chief Taster for The Homemade Brownie Company

Could there be a better job in the world than ‘Chief Taster’ at The Homemade Brownie Company?

Well here at The Homemade Brownie Company we have our very own ‘Chief Taster’! Meet Ben O’Shea (read his interview below). Ben’s job is to taste all our new products and give us some very honest feedback about what we’ve got right and what we haven’t. This feedback then gets used in refining the products before they go out to other customers. A vital role!

We like to keep things fresh by bringing in a new ‘Chief Taster’ every 6 months and look to existing members of our ‘Brownie Taste Club’ to find the ideal candidate. So, buy a brownie subscription to join the ‘Brownie Taste Club’ and get yourself in line for your dream job!
Chief Taster - Ben O'Shea
Q: How long have you dreamt of being ‘Chief Taster’ at a brownie company?
A: It’s every kid’s dream to spend all day eating chocolate. For me that dream never died!
Q: What skills and experience do you have that made you the right candidate for the role?
A: I’ve eaten way too many sweet treats in my life and that makes me better qualified than most. Hopefully I’ll live up to expectations!
Q: What’s your favourite flavour of brownie?
A: That's like asking who your favourite child is. However, I don't have any children so that's easy - Peanut Butter!
Q: What do you do aside from eating brownies?
A: I’m a keen CrossFitter, so brownies provide me with plenty of fuel for that!
Q: Now that you’ve achieved one life-long dream, what’s next for you?
A: To achieve a God-like physique and reach the CrossFit Games. Fuelled by brownies of course!