Father's Day Brownies

Take a look at our range of brownie treats created specifically for Father's Day!

Father's Day Brownie Slabs

Our Father's Day Brownie Slabs have a delicious brownie base and come loaded with chocolate treats and a fondant icing Father's Day plaque! Our Father's Day brownie slabs are available in 4 of our most popular flavours.

Father's Day Brownie Eggs

Our Father's Day brownie eggs are a returning favourite that look great and taste great too! With a Creme Egg centre, Flake shell and Classic brownie middle, they're a perfect mix of all things chocolate!

Father's Day Brownies & Booze

For any Dads and Grandads who like something boozy, we have our Brownies and Bottle gift boxes, containing your choice of brownie flavours and a choice of 3 carefully selected wines! There are also our Brownies and Miniature gift boxes, with the same extensive range of brownie flavours and a choice of 5 fantastic alcohol miniatures. There's an option to add a fondant icing Father's Day plaque to either gift box too. 

All our Father's Day Specials come in our Father's Day gift wrapping as standard.

We're sure there's something for every chocolate brownie loving Dad or Grandad out there, so enjoy brownie browsing!

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