We’ve launched our new and exciting Brownie Taste Club

Have you ever fancied being a food taster? Doesn’t sound like a bad job, does it?

What about being a taster of homemade brownies? Yes, such a job does exist because we’ve just created it!

Become Chief Taster for The Homemade Brownie Company

Are you willing to put your taste buds on the line and sample some of our mouth-wateringly delicious new products? Sounds tough, we know!

As Chief Taster, you would need to taste all our new products and give us honest feedback about what we’ve got right and what we haven’t. Your feedback will help us to refine our brownies – so they taste even better before they go out to our customers.

 Skills necessary for the role:

  • You must enjoy eating brownies.

That’s it!

Sadly, you can’t keep the job forever. To keep things fresh, we plan to appoint a new Chief Taster every six months.

How do I get the job?

Simply buy a Brownie Subscription and you’ll immediately become a member of The Homemade Brownie Taste Club.  We’ll then offer the role of Chief Taster to one of our Taste Club members every 6 months. That’s it!

The full list of benefits when you buy a Brownie Subscription and automatically become a member of the Brownie Taste Club is below: 

  • A box of 8, 10 or 12 brownies by postdelivered to an address of your choice each month
  • Discounted rates on your monthly box of brownies
  • Access to the ‘Flavour of the Month’ the month before all other customers
  • Choice of any flavour for your monthly brownie box
  • Delivery on any specified day during the month
  • A £10 brownie gift voucher on your birthday
  • Complete flexibility on length of subscription and cancellation
  • Exclusive offers and discounts
  • An opportunity to land the role of ‘Chief Taster’ every six months

Your whole family can enjoy the pleasures that homemade brownies bring.

And it doesn’t matter where in the UK you are. We have a national presence with online customers all over the country - and we have brownie delivery down to a fine art.

Why do we need a Chief Taster?

Initially, we supplied just one product – the classic and ever-popular chocolate brownie. Online orders quickly grew, and soon we were also supplying local cafes, shops and restaurants.

But our trusty chocolate brownie wasn’t enough on its own – our customers wanted more. Now we’re proud to offer 15 different flavours in a variety of sizes – bringing smiles to the faces of brownie lovers everywhere.

And demand doesn’t stop – we’ve had requests from customers to introduce all sorts of new flavours. Hence, our need for a Chief Brownie Taster.

I’m sure we’ll have lots of suitable candidates amongst the members of our Brownie Taste Club. As a member of the Club, you’ll already have shown your enthusiasm and commitment to the homemade brownie cause!

So, sign up today and get yourself in line for your dream job!!

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